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Academic and related work

Papers, case studies, theses, chapters and books

Speeches (editing, expanding)

Guest lectures, inaugural lectures, conference keynote speaker letters

Responses to editors and reviewers

Calls for papers, introductions to journal special issues, journal editorials

Grant research proposals, reviews of research proposals

Project proposals for research organisations and foundations (e.g. Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft / DFG, Swiss National Fund)

Reviews of papers and manuscripts

Bachelor, MBA, Master’s and PhD topic documents, proposals, applications

Book proposals, project proposals, study proposals

Essay questions, assignment documents

Dissertation evaluation reports

Dissertation defenses: General and editorial comments

Candidate statements, tenure proposals

Statements of purpose

University standards, parts of university annual reports

Teaching lists, research lists, programme overviews, study module overviews, programme notes, module preparation notes, teaching concepts, teaching notes, research concepts

Author biographies and CVs

Supporting documentation for applications, letters of recommendation

Feedback to study groups on cases (e.g. Airbnb, Deutsche Telekom, Julius Baer, LET, Siemens, ABB)

PhD workshop PowerPoints

Interview questionnaires


Cooperation partner letters

Integration reports

Course, department and university brochures, website text, news updates, media releases, blog posts

Summer school flyers, invitation e-mails, website text

Non-academic work

Website text and information architecture for individuals and firms

Psychological reports, medico-legal reports, speech assessments

Scripts for audio-visuals

Advertising and digital media copywriting