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Recent dissertations I have edited

(Social) Entrepreneurship by Refugees: An Explorative Study of Refugees’ Networks and How Previous Experiences, Unmet Personal Needs, and Unique Life Experiences Influence their Prosocial Orientations (PhD)

Beating Yourself at Your Own Game. Business Model Innovation: The Role of Organisational Ambidexterity (PhD)

Cost-(in)efficiency and institutional pressures in nursing home chains (MBA)

Creation and integration of modular knowledge: Boundary types and combinative capabilities (PhD)

Critical success factors of zero-base budgeting as an adequate management tool for sustainable cost transformation (Bachelor)

Designing and Managing Artificial Intelligence-enabled Information Systems

Digital Social Innovation: A Taxonomy of Digital Social Innovation Initiatives and an Opportunity-Led Ideation Method (Introduction to Doctoral thesis)

Encouraging citizens to share their personal information – a prerequisite for successful smart government

Entrepreneurial Orientation in the Public Sector: When Middle Managers Create Public Value OR “Don’t start the music yet!” – When Middle Managers Create Public Value – The Case of Entrepreneurial Orientation in Public Sector Middle Management (PhD)

Essays on Enterprise Architecture Management: Diversity, Theoretical Foundation, and Impact – understanding the value proposition of a maturing discipline; The Impact of Enterprise Architecture Management on Information System Capabilities: A Multiple-Case Analysis; Uncovering enterprise architecture research: Diversity, theoretical foundation, and impact; Understanding the Performance Impact of Enterprise Architecture Management (PhD)

Essays on Management Control in New Product Development: Facilitating innovativeness through efficient processes (PhD)

Identity, ideology and emotion in 19th century Pfalz: A critical archaeology study of burial and commemoration (Master’s)

Infrastructure Economics: Multilateral Studies on Regulated Networks and Resources (PhD)

Leveraging intellectual property (PhD)

M&A Capability Evolution. The art of balancing standardization and flexibility (PhD)

Managing Digital Transformation: Challenges and Choices in Organizational Design and Decision-Making (PhD)

Managing the aging workforce: An empirical exploration towards a new theory with specific focus on the automobile industry (DPhil)

Mobile Business Models in African Rural Communities (MPhil)

On architectural branding. A new approach to architectural branding: Architectural design and experimental analysis

Organizational Resilience: Conceptual Development, Empirical Findings, and Managerial Contradictions (PhD)

Organizing Infrastructure Assemblages: Re-imagining Water Flow and Leakage in Nairobi (PhD)

The role of smart government communication to encourage citizens to share their personal information