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My copywriting offering

Do you dream of a strong future for your products, services, organisation and people? If yes, welcome! Just like a great movie starts with a great script, great branding begins with great copywriting.

I’m a freelance copywriter and copyeditor based in Cape Town, South Africa. In short, I practise the delicious art and craft of writing. I have experience in a variety of products and markets, and have worked as a freelance and full-time writer, for agencies, consultancies and directly for clients.

I make my clients’ lives easier by making magic on screen and on the page. That is, I help them to create vibrant brands that live up to their full potential by combining words, ideas, still images, moving pictures, dialogue, actions and/or music.

Communication and brand elements I have worked on include:

  • Advertising and brand campaigns and creative rationales.

  • Banners, social media and digital work.

  • Brand reviews or gap analyses.

  • Brand objectives, positioning, guidelines or brand books.

  • Print ads, brochures and letters.

  • Content repurposing.

  • Principals’ CVs.

  • E-mail newsletters.

  • Ghostwriting.

  • Language, grammar and style guides.

  • Naming of products, services or organisations.

  • Scripts for audiovisuals and games.

  • Website text, information architecture and user experiences (UX).

  • Client journeys.

  • Special projects (surprise me!).

I hold a Bachelor degree and an Honours degree in Philosophy (Stellenbosch University) and am fluent in English and Afrikaans and proficient in Portuguese, French and Dutch. I have named several businesses and friends’ cars. Warning: I often finish other people’s coffee, with or without their consent.

Go ahead, make your day. Contact me for a cost estimate or to check my availability.